How to Love Series :: 13 of 17

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How to Love Series :: 13 of 17

Clarifying Your Purpose

I believe each of us is born with a purpose. As children, we suppress our sense of purpose in order to be accepted and fit in. We stop expressing our heartfelt desires and forget who we were born to be. There are those who never realize their purpose. They simply live their lives defined by what they’re taught at home, in school, or at their place of worship.

What would it be like to live a purpose-filled life? Those magical moments when you are fully engaged—in the flow, losing track of time, on a roll, on top of the world—are unconscious expressions of your purpose. Once you are present to your purpose, you can live a life filled with magical moments. Do you wake up and do the same things every day like in the movie Groundhog Day—get up, shower, shave, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, go to the gym, stop at the store, pick up the dry cleaning, return home, eat, watch TV, play with the kids, and go to bed? Then, the next day, you do it all over again—asking yourself, “What’s the point?”

By clarifying your purpose, life can take on a completely new meaning—it can truly be an adventure, whatever you’re doing. Purpose is more than what you’re doing—it’s a way of being that you bring to life, such as love, inspiration, or a desire to bring out the best in others. It can be as far-reaching as ending world hunger or as personal as putting food on your family’s table.

It is so important to know that what you identify as your purpose is enough—it is right for you right now. Comparing your innate purpose with anyone else’s is futile. You may think someone else’s purpose is grander than yours—it’s not—each person’s purpose is distinct. Your goal is to be fully yourself, the best possible you, and let your light shine.

I clarified my purpose by examining my life through a series of powerful questions adapted from the Raised Vibration, Owning My Purpose Workshop.
• Which behaviors did I give up and which do I still use to survive?
• In what areas am I fulfilled, contented, or dissatisfied?

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Self-expression
  • Personal Power

• What principles guide my personal behavior and actions?
• What am I doing when I’m in the zone and lose track of time?
• What am I passionate about? / What makes my heart sing?

In reviewing my life, I realized that by the time I turned 5, I had given up my curiosity, sense of adventure, and playful nature in order to be a “good girl,” help with my siblings, obey the rules, and please my mom.

The older I became, as more demands were made of me, I found it necessary to give up my authenticity, as well as my full self-expression. Over time, I abandoned my desires and passions, even my dignity, and became accommodating, agreeable, and submissive to foster harmony within the family and get approval, acknowledgment, and acceptance.

In the workshop, as I evaluated the areas of my life that were working and not working, I recognized a reawakening of my desires and passions through my spiritual connection, my relationships, and my career—all of which were very fulfilling. I was satisfied with my health and finances. However, in the areas of my personal power and full self-expression, I remained accommodating, agreeable, and submissive to maintain harmony and acceptance.

The facilitator then had us focus on identifying core principles. I distinguished mine as love, inspiration, empowerment, encouragement, as well as honor and respect. Next, I reflected on being in the zone. I noticed that I tend to lose track of time when I am engaged in heart-felt conversations, creative writing, and being alone in nature. These exercises culminated in discovering that I am passionate about people living extraordinary lives.

At the end of the workshop when asked, “What way of being lights you up—what is your purpose?” My answer was clear—“I inspire and empower others’ greatness to live extraordinary lives.”

Since my life is continually evolving, I periodically review my purpose. I recently realized that I hadn’t included myself, so I created a new version with a few more details—“I inspire and empower myself and others to live extraordinary lives overflowing with love, adventure, passion, and joy!”

Love and Be Loved

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