No Weeping Widow Here — My True Story

Journey of love. In this powerful, heartfelt memoir, I invite you into the extraordinary chapters of my life alongside my beloved Bernie. Together, we embarked on a decade-long journey filled with remarkable wonders, cherished memories, and profound love. But when confronted with the devastating reality of Bernie’s terminal illness, our story took an unexpected turn.

Embrace every moment. I offer a raw and intimate account of our last eight months together, where we embraced every moment and celebrated life’s simple pleasures. Together, we forged ahead finding solace in the unwavering support of loved ones who surrounded us with love during our time of need.

Championing a future. In the wake of Bernie’s departure, I embarked on a courageous journey of self-discovery and healing. With honesty and vulnerability, I share the invaluable lessons I learned about self-care, resilience, and finding purpose in the face of loss. From nurturing my physical and emotional well-being, to championing a future that honored Bernie’s legacy, I reveal the gems of wisdom that guided me through the darkest days.

Triumph over tragedy. Step into my world, feel the depths of my love, and join me on a transformative journey towards embracing life after loss. Together, we will challenge the notion of a weeping widow and redefine what it means to triumph over tragedy.

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