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Welcome to Extraordinary Outcomes Publishing, a motivational site dedicated to providing Extraordinary Books for an Extraordinary YOU! By embracing the benefits contained in our selections you can raise your vibration, take positive actions more often, become inspired to go beyond your self-imposed limitations, as well as amplify your creativity and productivity. For those looking to enhance their relationships, we offer insights into love, compassion, freedom, fulfillment and bliss. Our adventure series, although told through the voice of an innocent, adolescent girl, speaks to the potential within us all. There really is something for everyone in what we choose to publish.


Books in this genre enhance self-awareness and quality of life, develop pathways to a heart-centered life, and contribute to the fulfillment of personal dreams and aspirations. They may also include: building or renewing self-esteem, developing strengths, improving well-being, exploring self-expression, as well as enriching communication and social interactions.


Unlike an autobiography, a memoir is a type of nonfiction literature where the author shares personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, personal growth, memories, and reflections. Books in this genre are written in the first person and are meant to offer readers a glimpse into the author’s unique perspective and personal journey making them a more subjective and introspective than a traditional autobiography.


The purpose of books in this genre are meant to inspire new ways of thinking, acting, feeling and being. These books help guide and support individuals striving to be a better person, to expand their horizons and use their courage to take risks and get what they want in life.


Different from romance novels, books in this genre are made up of useful, motivational, and sometimes amusing tips and hints designed to guide individuals through the various phases and challenges of romantic intimate relationships. This genre also provides unique ways to keep love alive and vibrant.


Books in the adventure category can overlap other genres, such as spy stories, science fiction, and fantasy. An adventure happens outside the course of the main character’s ordinary life, usually accompanied by risk, excitement and action. Adventures in a magic realm are characterized by more extraordinary events than classic adventures, since the story is not confined to reality. In the best stories, adventures transform the hero.