What Would Love Do Right Now?

Transform. Living from your heart is possible! This book is designed as a step-by-step guide to living an extraordinary life! Asking yourself, “What would love do right now?” can be as impactful to your life as Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup is to his readers’ souls.

Heal. To experience a heart-centered life, you first need to release the pain and suffering from childhood experiences, past heartaches, or disappointments and failures, that still live in your heart.

Inquire. Consider, your past experiences influence your responses to day-to-day events—just like the unseen air you breathe. They impact your present experience of life, as well as your vision of the future. How can you have a bright new future when unresolved incidents from your past remain? They undermine your ability to manifest your plans, goals, and dreams—the extraordinary life you could be living.

Thrive. In this book, I share my philosophy about the power of love, forgiveness, making amends, and restoring your power. Using my exclusive Inquiry to Resolution™ process, you will be able to resolve the past and set yourself free in those areas and relationships that effect your quality of life today—family, career, romantic relationships, health, finances, self-expression, and more—and then create a future overflowing with extraordinary outcomes.

Design. Through examples from my own life, I illustrate the power of fully engaging in the Inquiry to Resolution process and designing a life you love. In addition, you will have an opportunity to write two personal manuals—a Guide to Daily Living and a Guide to Romantic Intimate Relationship—as declarations of who you are in the world and how you want to be treated by others.

Discover. Extraordinary lives are filled with adventure. Most adventures have a beginning, middle and an end; however, the adventure in this book has no end. Asking the question, “What would love do right now?” is useful at any time, any place, with anyone, from now on.

Prosper. The primary benefit of this book is to expand your capacity to open your heart and create your life from the power of love—the real gold of life—that makes everything possible.

  • 130 Pages
  • 6”x9” Softbound
  • eBook Version Available
  • Comes with Downloadable Worksheets


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