Relationship—A Sacred Journey into Your Greatness

Odyssey. Discover how an intimate, romantic relationship can be a profound and sacred journey into your greatness. A journey where breakdowns are unexpected gifts and where breakthroughs are truly possible—a means of personal growth and transformation. This book explores the many ways you can fully engage with your romantic partner and celebrate your greatness.

Unpredictability. Romantic relationships have the most at stake—your precious heart. Finding someone to love and then being loved by them in the ways that work for both of you is not always easy. There are so many dynamics that need to come together: the right person, at the right time, who wants the same thing, and who is emotionally available. It is amazing that fulfilling, intimate partnerships happen at all!

Potential. To encourage you to take the risk, I reveal my sacred journey through examples from the committed relationship I have with my Beloved Bernie. I share our breakdowns and breakthroughs as a demonstration of my philosophy that, “when a commitment to love exists between two people, everything unlike love will arise to be transformed.” Once healed, the opportunity to experience a deeper and more abiding love is possible.

Wonderment. You will find valuable and compelling tips that can be used to endlessly deepen your relationship. Imagine how great it would feel to be able to express exactly how each of you wishes to experience being fully loved, cherished, adored, respected, admired, and acknowledged. It would then give you both the opportunity to support, enhance, and enrich, your win-win, intimate, romantic relationship.

Abundance. That—and more—is what this book is all about! Go for it! It’s worth it! When you truly experience being fully loved, every area of your life will blossom.


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