My Compelling Nudge to Write

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My Compelling Nudge to Write

How I Came to Write. I had been receiving gentle nudges of encouragement from within for a few years to write about living from love—a place that opens up what is possible when one consciously brings love into any situation. Although I had been successfully writing professional articles for six years, the thought of writing from my personal experience was overwhelming. I decided to take two intensive, 8-week creative writing courses with Margaret Mears, M.D., using her Write from Your Heart™ method.

I was Moved to Tears. I remember welling up with tears the first time I shared with the group what I had written. I felt what I was sharing was so private, aspects of my creative self that were previously hidden. I was coming out as a writer, being seen and known—experiencing a rite of passage.

It Just Came to Me. Later that same year, a book title popped into my consciousness, loud and clear: What Would Love Do Right Now? I grabbed a notebook. I wrote the title and my name on the first page, and then I drew a big heart in the middle of the page. That was in December 2009.

Writer’s Block. I could not seem to write anything else for months. Then it dawned on me that I needed to ask myself the question, “What would love do right now?” before I could write about it. Boy, did opportunities come to ask myself the question, especially at times when I was so angry I wanted to explode, and when I felt defeated and wanted to throw in the towel. Doing so provided me with validation on the significance, simplicity, and results of asking this question. I then started using this question as an inquiry into all other aspects of my life. It has since become my guide to living an extraordinary life.

Nudge, Nudge, Nudge. In 2010, my friend and colleague, Tarra of Sedona, suggested I attend Tom Bird’s, Write Your Book in 5 Days, retreat. Although the whole idea of writing a book in five days intrigued me, I was not yet ready. One year later, the nudge to actually write the book became so strong and I could no longer ignore it. I even had two clients who were on their way to the retreat to write their own books. I found my original notebook and four months later I was in the retreat myself.

My first book became an Amazon #1 Bestseller. It was an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that represented the outpouring of my commitment to everyone who is seeking to live an extraordinary life. My second book also became an Amazon #1 Bestseller, and the Extraordinary Outcomes Series was born. It reveals the three magical words that harness the power of love, forgiveness, and gratitude, all of which impact the quality of one’s life. My third Amazon #1 Bestseller is a heartfelt memoir that shares the transformative power of love, the impact of loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.

As I continue to write, edit, and publish the remaining books in the queue, there will be many more transformational resources to create a life you love.