Living on the Skinny Branches of Life

Assertion. Everyone is responsible for the quality of their own life. It is up to you to go for what is in your heart and soul. Follow your inner nudges, trust your intuition, and act on those gut feelings, they are there for a reason. Let them guide you to a miraculous life, remembering most of all—there is security, vitality, and joyfulness living on the skinny branches of life!

Resolve. The inspiration for this book came after having a conversation I’d been dreading. I had played and replayed what I wanted to say over and over in my head for months. One day, I finally mustered the courage to make the call, even though my heart was pounding and my voice was shaking. In that conversation, I spoke my truth and was heard—the result was extraordinary. I was elated, relieved, and proud of myself for having restored a vital relationship.

Aliveness. BAM! And then it happened. I looked out the window and noticed a small bird perched way out on a skinny branch that was swaying in the breeze. It was chirping and having the time of its life, safe and secure, way out there. I realized that living on the skinny branches of life was where I experienced freedom, adventure, and exhilaration.

Confidence. Be bold! Letting go of the perceived safety of the tree trunk and living on the skinny branches takes courage, trust, and faith. Embrace the fear that often sabotages your intentions and live by choice in the unknown rather than by mundane circumstances.

Carpe Diem. Some experiences I share are intended to inspire you to—take a stand, seize that opportunity, take that trip, quit that job, start that business, ask that special someone out on a date, or even ask them to marry you. Other examples are meant to encourage your self-expression—write that novel, act on stage, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or play a sport.

Go for anything and everything your little heart desires. Commit to living on the skinny branches of life!


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