Conversations with the Fairy Realm

Mysterious. Juliana is a ten-year-old girl who discovers and befriends the sensational and mysterious fairy realm. She is amazed at how effortlessly she communicates with the fairies through telepathy.

Conflict. She is immediately confronted by a personal dilemma—who can she trust with this secret? Her best friend has betrayed her. Dare she tell her mother about the fairies? Who will even believe her?

Chronicle. Every day after each encounter with the fairies, Juliana captures her experiences by drawing beautiful, elaborate illustrations and writing detailed stories in her diary.

Self-Expression. Eventually, without sharing about her experiences with the fairies, Juliana shows her drawings to her parents. They are surprised at her extraordinary talent and enthusiastically encourage Juliana to continue drawing fairies.

Alliance. Juliana finally feels that she can trust her mother and shares about her relationship with the fairies. Then together they begin a journey exploring the fairy realm and their bond is deepened forever.

Highlights. Juliana’s conversations with the fairy realm has a profound effect on her family relationships. Some of the highlights in this story include: Juliana’s mother resolves the injustices in her relationship with her own mother; Juliana saves an injured fairy and is initiated into the fairy family; Juliana becomes an expert on the fairy realm and her drawings and stories take on a life of their own with a surprising outcome.


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